Bluelight impact investment fund nurtures companies and projects that live a vision of environmental sustainability and human well-being. Whether it be in the modern energy sector, clothing industry

or robotics, Bluelight seeks to support those who have embedded in their very DNA

a deep respect for the workings of nature and human creative potential.




Delicately conjoining out planet's natural resources with human intelligence, Nano Energies interconnects diverse mechanisms to drive change in the modern energy sector.

Established in 2008, Nano Energies has since branched into three subsidiary companies, Nano Energies Trade, Nano Green and Digital Energy Services, powering several thousand homes and businesses with 100% green electricity. Unique in-house mathematical knowhow, predictive algorithms and market analysis serve to balance the power grid and reveal areas where energy could be used more effectively.

In its next bid, Nano Energies will be developing state-of-the-art smart technologies to optimize and control production and consumption patterns of flexible energy producers and end users, while at the same time collaborating with Europe's pioneers on modern energy storage solutions. The near future will also see Nano Energies delve into energy sharing with its locally powered micro-environments, in view of supporting energy self-sufficiency and helping to restore balance to nature's energy cycle.



New Fashion Robotics is pioneering a unique set of robotics and interactive 3D visualisation software to open a new realm of creative possibility for individual fashion designers and small clothing brands, giving them the unique opportunity to unlock themselves from the structure of large–scale fashion corporations where they cannot fully unleash the free spirit of their craft.

The principle work an automatic production line that prints, laser cuts and welds sustainable fabrics

into garments right before the eyes of customers, New Fashion Robotics plans to grow a network

of independent, copy–pastable production pods disseminated around the globe to serve local markets through a unified international digital platform. Backed by a Blockchain-based economic model,

the roots of New Fashion Robotics take us to sustainability through localization, automation, time–saving and minimum stock initiatives. Its back and forth creative dynamic between fashion designers, fiber and fabric manufacturers, robotics experts and software engineers makes for an unprecedented environment where each creator can find an individual space to thrive, yet share the benefits of each other's skill.




In line with the recent flourish in promising initiatives to free city landscapes from visual and environmental pollution, clothing brand

Free Circle aims to motivate city-dwellers to leave their cars at home

and choose the bicycle as their daily means of transport to work.

Putting a slight twist on the way we use our time and generally think about city life, Free Circle has cleverly combined the visuals of elegant office clothing with the very utilitarian quality of sports fabrics to create stylish garments for urban cyclists. Designed and manufactured in Europe,

Free Circle’s range of business suits, ponchos and dresses look very much in place both in the busy bike lane and the dignified office, proving that urban living can be fulfilling, rich in exercise and replete

with colorful experiences – if we give our long-lived habits a little shake.






The belief at Bluelight is that astute changes to everyday patterns of functioning coupled with opening long-established paradigms to innovative solutions will soon reveal new ways for individuals to become active contributors to wider society. As such, Bluelight serves as a gateway towards better quality of life with a lasting sense of fulfillment, meaning and joy of living.



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