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Bluelight impact investment fund nurtures companies and projects that live a vision of environmental sustainability and human well-being. Whether it be in the modern energy sector, clothing industry

or robotics, Bluelight seeks to support those who have embedded in their very DNA

a deep respect for the workings of nature and human creative potential.

Nano Energies


Nano Energies

The vision we have for modern energetics is represented by three Nano divisions. Nano Energies Trade is a major player in short-term electricity trading in several European countries. Nano Green focuses on selling and distributing “green” electricity from renewable resources while advocating energy self-sufficiency and decentralization. We have a new division called Digital Energy Services which comes up with innovations and develops ways of integrating the newest possible technologies with the management and running of the energy system. Our mission is to support the generation of environmentally-friendly electricity and energy self-sufficiency.

Nano Energies

Now You - New Fashion Robotics

New Fashion Robotics is pioneering a unique set of robotics and interactive 3D visualisation software to open a new realm of creative possibility for individual fashion designers and small clothing brands, giving them the unique opportunity to unlock themselves from the structure of large–scale fashion corporations where they cannot fully unleash the free spirit of their craft.

New Fashion

New Fashion Robotics

Free Circle Liechtenstein

Free Circle is a medium for creative potential and realization of the members within. Its operations are divided into projects with shared mechanics and principles. We aim to pioneer first practical uses of organization tokenization in Liechtenstein where the legislative allows such experiments. Our goals are to bring blockchain principles closer to people using practical applications like community currency, goods or enterprise tokenizations.

faze animace1.png

Free Circle

Free Circle


COCUMA is building a community of companies that do business because they enjoy it, not because they have to. We inspire companies to adopt new forms when looking for new colleagues by our attitude. We inspire the job market to adopt a polite, respectful and creative attitude. We don‘t like the Gallup Survey results that say 8 out of 10 people don‘t enjoy their jobs. We are convinced that is because they see no meaning in their work and are not a part of a collective that vibes on the same frequencies. We want people to choose companies, their visions and products, not just the payroll.



Javorina is a furniture and fixtures manufacturer and seller based in Slovakia and our newest acquisition in All activities in Javorina follow basic principles - naturalness, renewability, durability and timelessness. Javorina's primary interest is a satisfied customer, continuous innovation of our products and services and a high degree of flexibility. We aspire to expand such values to more markets and bring technology innovation to this industry.








The belief at Bluelight is that astute changes to everyday patterns of functioning coupled with opening long-established paradigms to innovative solutions will soon reveal new ways for individuals to become active contributors to wider society. As such, Bluelight serves as a gateway towards better quality of life with a lasting sense of fulfillment, meaning and joy of living.


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